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USDCAD Breaks Two-Month Resistance Level, but Does It Have Legs?


Early in Thursday’s trade, USDCAD closed above the two-month trend line that extends off the January high. At the time, it was just an intraday break on the 4-hour chart. However, the pair later managed a session close above the key handle.

The break appears to be valid, and I have no reason to doubt it at the moment. That said, USDCAD still faces some key levels above that could prove to be problematic for the bulls.

The first of those levels was tested yesterday shortly after the break above trend line resistance. That level comes in right around 1.3260.

Although it’s a bit hard to distinguish from the 4-hour chart, a look back at the price action from October and November of last year shows why this could be a critical area to breach before additional buyers are willing to commit.

The price action of late leaves us with two possible scenarios going into next week. We either get a pullback to former trend line resistance, which should act as new support, or the pair closes above 1.3260 (without retesting former resistance), which should solidify the upside potential.

Either way, I won’t be doing anything until we move past the holiday trade that has drained liquidity from today’s session. I don’t expect that to happen until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week as Monday’s docket hints at another lackluster session.

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USDCAD key technical break on the 4-hour chart

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Gerald M says

Nice analysis as always Justin. A good push back near the 1.34 resistance area would be a good discounted price to resell back into the downtrend.

This is off-topic but you might want to take a peek at the GBP/USD on the Daily chart. There’s a potential Inverse Head & Shoulders formation completing itself for a 840+ pip projected bull run to the upside if it breaks the neckline.

Enjoy your weekend man.

    Justin Bennett says

    Gerald, thanks for that. I personally stay away from selling a market that recently broke a significant resistance level, as USDCAD just did this past week.

    Have a great weekend!

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