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Video course launches December 2023!


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Get lifetime access to:

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  • Justin's trades (entry, stop loss, profit target)
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Daily videos on 5-10 markets
  • Exclusive charts and setups (see what Justin sees)
  • Over 1,600 members

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If you are serious about learning the skill of price action trading, Justin is the coach to follow.  

Collin T. headshot

Collin T.

I got hired in a prop trading firm as a junior trader thanks to Justin and Daily Price Action.

Hamed DPA member

Hamed M.

The return on my investment at Daily Price Action as of today is 8,900%, and that is no joke.

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Ted H.

5 Ways I'm Going to Help You

Become a Successful Trader

Get Daily Analysis Videos to See Exactly What I'm Trading!

Do you like the video commentary you see on Then you're going to love the member's area! Members receive one to two new videos every day on the forex and crypto markets that show exactly what I'm trading. If you're a visual learner like most, you'll love these videos!

Find and Share Trade Setups in Real-Time (And Get Feedback Before You Take the Trade!)

Ever wonder if the trade setup you're about to take is truly favorable? What if you missed something? That's where the Live Setups forum comes in. With dozens of posts each day, there's always an experienced trader around (including myself) to help you!

Learn to Trade With a True Full-Time Mentor!

I don't just hand you a trading course and wish you luck. As a true mentor, I'm active in the community every day. And if you ever have a question, all you have to do is send me a private message or ask a question in one of the channels. I'll even get on the phone with you if that's what it takes.

See My Trades in Real-Time!

Want to earn while you learn? Get my forex and crypto trades in real-time, including entry, stop loss, and targets. You can even set notifications to get alerts every time I open a trade!

Interact With Thousands of Experienced Traders!

With 1,237 forex and crypto traders from more than 50 countries, Daily Price Action gives you access to experienced traders from around the world. So regardless of your time zone or experience level, there is always someone online to help.

Get Lifetime Access to Daily Price Action's Exclusive Trading Community

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You missed out!

I have gained more knowledge and experience in just a few months than the previous 18 months I spent with indicator based systems.

Picture of David W. member of DPA

David W.

It’s been just about 3 weeks after joining Justin’s Price Action Course and I barely recognize myself. This thing has changed my views of the Forex market almost instantly.

Sherwin C.

I have been a part of many forums and discussions before and I would definitely rank Daily Price Action as number one!

Shan P.

Shan P.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with a membership?

Members get full access to our private Discord (real-time chat) group, where Justin is heavily involved every day. We also have full-time traders who are there to help when Justin isn't around.

Members also get two analysis videos from Justin daily, one for the forex market and one for crypto. Each video contains multiple trade ideas for the week.

Last but not least, DPA members can see Justin's forex and crypto trades in real time, including entries, targets, and stop loss levels.

How will this community benefit a new trader like me?

Daily Price Action is perfectly suited for the beginner. Whether you have six years of experience or six days, this community will set the foundation for successful trading.

The advantage to learning within a community of like-minded traders is that you're never alone. We have those who just started trading last week as well as traders who have been at it for 10 years and trade full-time. And if you ever get stuck or need clarification, simply post a question in one of the many forums or shoot me a private message.

Will I benefit from this community if I'm in a different time zone?

Absolutely! We have members from all over the world representing every time zone. So whether you live in the United States, United Kingdom, Africa, Australia or anywhere in between, you're sure to benefit.

How will this community benefit an experienced trader like me?

There's always room for improvement. The Daily Price Action community has been designed to be limitless. In other words, the topics covered as well as the learning material is constantly improving. I have had ten-year veteran traders tell me they've learned a ton since joining.

How will this community help me become a profitable trader?

Becoming a consistently profitable Forex trader requires a combination of educational material, hands-on help, and a ton of time and effort. While the time and effort part are 100% up to you, the Daily Price Action community will provide you with the trading education you need to succeed.

How long will it take to start seeing positive results?

Results vary, but it isn't uncommon for me to hear from members experiencing positive results within the first few weeks of joining. 

What if I don't like my membership?

I don't usually offer refunds, but I make exceptions for those that are requested by email within 14 days of the purchase date.