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Gold (XAUUSD) Ready to Pull Back?


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Gold (XAUUSD) is starting to look top-heavy.

In fact, it’s looked that way for some time, in my opinion.

I wrote about this ascending channel on September 10.

More specifically, I mentioned that a close below the confluence of support at 1480 would put the rally at risk.

We never did get that breakdown, though.

But then again, buyers have struggled to gain ground above 1500.

Watch Sunday’s video to see why.

Fast forward a few days later, and gold is at risk of closing below channel support although horizontal support at 1480 is still intact.

Still, this could be the start of a much-needed pullback for XAUUSD.

After all, this market hasn’t seen a healthy pullback since April.

And even that was a relatively shallow retracement.

The price action between late June and July certainly doesn’t qualify as a pullback given that XAUUSD was still carving higher highs and higher lows.

My point here is that a pullback wouldn’t be a bad thing for gold, nor would it negate the longer-term rally.

It also shouldn’t be a surprise given the gains we’ve seen since gold broke out in late May.

Just keep in mind that sellers still need to get through 1480 support.

If they do, I think a decline to 1450 is likely.

In fact, a pullback to 1410 or so is my base case if gold closes below 1480 support over the coming sessions.

That 1410 level served as support in late June and early August and is also the 50% retracement of the year-to-date range.

As for resistance, I suspect sellers will try to keep prices below 1500.

That’s the former channel support (new resistance) from the May 30 low.

A daily close back above that level would be indicative of a false break and re-expose the 1525 region.

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Anas says

Thank you Justin… you’re my mentor

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Thank you, Sir !

Banet Uganda says

There is a wider mean reversion for Gold on monthly chart

Sifiso says

Thanks alot Sir, your analysis are cristal

ali says

Sir justin your analysis is really helpful thanks for the update.

Michael says

Just started

sifiso Hlatshwayo says

Hi Mr Bennett…it appears to me as if Gold has reached the end of its trend for the year..its currently trading just below the high of the year, which it formed by forming a daily-chart M…THE LAST quarter OF THE YEAR IS ABOUT TO START..I anticipate a retest of that high, with pins to the top or some market maker reveral candle, inducing traders long, and grabbing or validating long pending orders with a false-break to the upside…if this happens in October…then Ill be short Gold for the rest of the year…trailing my stop down as the market zig-zags downwards in a TIMELY FASHION.

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