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EURUSD Reverses at 1.1170 Resistance


On February 13th, I pointed out a EURUSD support level just below 1.0825.

It’s the bottom of a descending channel we’ve used to trade the euro since September of last year.

Then on February 26th, I mentioned how a close above 1.0900 would expose 1.0990 and perhaps the top of the channel near 1.1170.

That 1.1170 figure is the same one I wrote about on Monday.

Notice how Tuesday’s session closed at 1.1169.

That’s no coincidence.

As I wrote on Monday, EURUSD bulls need to clear that 1.1170 area on a daily closing basis to expose higher levels.

Until they do, the euro will struggle.

But a market stopping one pip below a key resistance level is a good thing.

Not because I want to short EURUSD (because I don’t), but because it tells me that 1.1170 is, in fact, a significant level that could trigger a break higher.

I still maintain the idea that a break above the 2019 descending channel top near 1.1170 is only a matter of time.

That doesn’t mean it will happen this week or next, but I do think a continuation of this latest rally is likely.

And if we do see buyers take out 1.1170, a move to 1.1450 is my base case scenario.

In Monday’s members-only video, I pointed out how the rally that began on February 21st formed a v-shaped bottom.

Today’s pullback hasn’t changed that.

So, I still have no interest in selling the EURUSD.

I would prefer to either buy at support on the way down or following a daily close above that 1.1170 resistance area.

Two key support levels to keep an eye on include 1.1070 and 1.0990.

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EURUSD daily descending channel

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Rabani says

Well analyse like always.

Earle White says

Hi,,watching with interest,,,i tho see the dollar getting stronger as the sharemarket starts another bull run or a least to regain points its dropped.
PS,,will watch you guidance on this one closely

ali says

Thanks for the update sir justin.

Meck says

Looks so good

POLA P says

Your analysis encourages us to think in the long term! I like this!

Colin de Ste says

Good call. I notice that silver is also testing a downward trendline!!! Starting from Jan 8 through jan 21

Emmanuel says

Thanks so much Mr Justin for your update and well analysis mkt

Donald says

I really need some help.
I see you talking about getting a credit from blueberry markets but it states that non us residents are not part of this program.
I’ve been practicing with paper money for almost a year and decided to go live, but I’m struggling.
I want to join your club here. But I have a few questions. I’d rather email.

Emmanuel N Azubuike says

our mentor thanks a million i must confess am now progressing . i hve notice that fx is real to those who want to learn not those that need fast money,

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