Forex Trading for Beginners

Building a strong foundation as a Forex trader is the key to long-term success. After all, you have to learn how to crawl before you can walk.

Forex trading for beginners is a great place to start your journey. My suggestion is to start at the top and work your way down. However, if you already have a good handle on the basics, feel free to jump ahead. 

Click any of the links below to get started. And as always, feel free to reach out with any questions. Enjoy the learning process!

Forex Tutorials

MT4 opening a new account

Metatrader 4 Tutorial: Installation

Metatrader 4, also known as “MT4”, is perhaps the most widely used Forex trading platform in existence. Even its successor, Metatrader 5, hasn’t quite gained the same level of popularity among the Forex retail crowd. In this Metatrader 4 tutorial,

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Forex Lessons for Beginners

The dynamics of supply and demand in the Forex market

Forex Support and Resistance

Forex support and resistance levels are the foundation of any good trading strategy. Whether you’re trading a simple price action strategy or something more complex, these levels form the road

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gbpusd daily trend line support

What is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis is the study of past price action patterns in an attempt to determine a probable outcome of future price movement. Those who study technical analysis are referred to as Technical

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double bottom chart pattern

Double Bottom Pattern

The double bottom pattern is one of my favorite technical patterns to spot a potential reversal in the Forex market. The double bottom forms after an extended move down and

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Fibonacci Retracement Levels

Fibonacci retracement levels are the only thing I use outside of price action in my trading. Although the Fibonacci retracement is arguable a derivative of price action patterns as it uses

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Long or Short

The ability to go long or short is my favorite part about the Forex market. If you recall from the lesson on Forex vs stocks, I mentioned that this is my

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Forex Basics

So you want to learn about this thing called Forex? Great! Let’s start with some Forex basics, but first let me say that I’ve designed this “mini” course to be

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