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USDJPY to Target 109.00 Next Week?


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The USDJPY has performed well for us lately.

Will it continue to do so?

Let’s discuss what needs to happen for USDJPY to climb even higher next week.

But first, let’s recap the last couple of weeks.

The September 5 break above 106.80 was something I discussed several times as a possibility given the higher lows in late August and early September.

USDJPY hit our 120-pip target at 108.00 on September 12.

Then came the close above channel resistance last week.

I discussed that in Sunday’s video.

More specifically, I was waiting to see how USDJPY would react to the level as new support.

That brings us to the last 48 hours of price action.

Notice how Thursday’s session caught a bid at 107.78, and so far, Friday has carved a low at 107.76.

Those prices represent what used to be descending channel resistance, which is now serving as support.

But now the question is, can buyers keep this up, literally?

Or better yet, can USDJPY bulls force a retest of the 109.00 handle next week.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, that’s anyone’s guess.

I don’t know where USDJPY is going, or any currency pair for that matter.

That said, as long as the 107.70 support area is holding on a daily closing basis, I have to respect the potential for a move higher.

As I mentioned above, the next key resistance level comes in at 109.00.

You can see how 109.00 served as support in mid-May before flipping to resistance in July and early August.

A close above 109.00 would expose 110.60 and perhaps even the open gap from May 3 at 111.10.

On the flip side, a daily close back inside this descending channel would be a sign of weakness.

It would negate the recent break above it, and re-open the door to 106.80.

Regardless of whether or not 107.70 support holds, I favor USDJPY over other currency pairs simply because it’s performing well technically.

I can’t say the same for some others that continue to chop sideways with no real conviction or technical backdrop.

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USDJPY descending channel on the daily time frame - Daily Price Action
USDJPY break above descending channel resistance

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P says

Good one, Mr Bennett

Makhenekhe Frank Mongale says

Wonderful. There is consistency. Will keep watching. Never experienced these wonders before.

    Justin Bennett says

    Cheers. Thanks for commenting.

ken says

The retest happened faster. And the range of the last candle is so small However we”ll see how is the range of the New York close at 23H00 south African time

    Justin Bennett says

    Right, that’s why I’m not buying USDJPY here. I’m waiting for the market to answer a crucial question first, which won’t happen until today’s close.

Chris Matambo says

Thanks for the technical analysis. As a newbie I have learned a lot.

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