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GBPUSD Carves Bearish Signal Above Key Level

GBPUSD short-term ascending trend line

I wrote about the GBPUSD on January 10th.

I’ve also included the pair in every Weekly Forex Forecast, including the latest video on January 11th.

The idea behind my recent GBPUSD posts and videos is that the pair needed more time to reset itself.

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AUDUSD Remains Range-Bound Below 0.6930

AUDUSD range on the daily time frame

The AUDUSD is encountering sellers right where we thought it might.

On January 7th, I made a video about how the recent AUDUSD rally could be in trouble.

If you watched that video, you know that 0.6930 was a key level.

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EURGBP Buyers Have Work to Do

EURGBP descending channel

The EURGBP has a decision to make.

Either follow through on this recent break above descending channel resistance or close back below it.

I wrote about this on Monday as the pair was breaking out.

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NZDUSD: 0.6570 Could Produce an Opportunity

NZDUSD confluence of support at 0.6570

The NZDUSD is approaching a critical support area at 0.6570.

It’s actually a confluence of support as it’s the intersection of a key horizontal level and a trend line that extends from the March 2019 high.

I discussed that 0.6570 horizontal level when the NZDUSD was breaking out last December.

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GBPAUD: 1.8900 Is New Resistance

GBPAUD head and shoulders on the daily time frame

The GBPAUD is playing out beautifully for us so far.

I wrote about the potential for a bearish reversal on Tuesday of last week.

At the time, the pair was trading at 1.9110.

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