GBPUSD Sellers Break 1.3460, but Daily Close Is Key

by Justin Bennett  · 

May 21, 2018

by Justin Bennett  · 

May 21, 2018

by Justin Bennett  · 

May 21, 2018

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Important: I use New York close charts so that each 24-hour period closes at 5 pm EST.

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The GBPUSD is finally making its move. Since the 2nd of May, the pound has been confined to a 140 pip range between 1.3460 support and 1.3600 resistance.

At the moment, sellers have extended today’s lows to levels not seen since late December of last year. However, with six hours to go until the session close at 5 pm EST (New York close charts), anything can happen.

Of course, if you think a 4-hour close below 1.3460 is enough to get the job done, then the GBPUSD has already broken down. As for me, I’ll need to see a daily close below the level before further deliberation.

If sellers manage a 5 pm EST close below 1.3460, I’ll begin watching for a retest of the area as new resistance. Depending on your outlook here, that retest could present an opportunity to get short.

The next key support level comes in at 1.3300. It’s a significant area for the pair as you can see from the price action between mid-October and December of last year.

It’s a waiting game for now, but a daily close below 1.3460 could open up 160 pips of real estate, so it could be worth the extra patience.

Bear in mind that we could see an increase in volatility during Wednesday’s release of the FOMC meeting minutes at 2 pm EST. There are several scheduled speeches from the BOE’s Carney in the final 48 hours of the week that could also shake things up.

Additionally, Fed Chair Powell is due to speak on Friday at 9:20 am EST, the same time as Carney. Be sure to check the event calendar for further details on these events.

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GBPUSD horizontal levels on the daily chart

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  1. Hi Justin, thanks a lot for your post! They are excellent!

    It seems GBP is down and other graphics as GBPCHF has closed its support.

    Question: In this contexto of GBP down, do you check all GBP graphics in order to see more benefit one?



    1. You’re welcome. Glad to hear that!

      Not necessarily. I tend to gravitate toward whatever pair is carving the best technical levels. In other words, I put more emphasis on the quality of the technicals than I do relative strength among currencies.

  2. Thanks my boss you are always on course doing the right work to help people. I wish one day I will be one of your membership

  3. Please I want to understand your analysis am finding it difficult. Given by this GBPUSD so you mean break of resistance level of 1.3460 is buy signal and break of support level of 1.330 is sell signal

    1. Hi Felix,

      You may have to exercise some caution so you don’t lose money unnecessarily. I don’t think that Justin insinuates a ‘buy’ in his analysis. Please be sure before you place orders.

  4. Thanks Justin for posting such an amazing analysis.
    question regarding placing stop loss: where to place stop loss considering GBPUSD’s recent move, a little bit higher Monday’s high or Friday’s high?

  5. Hi Justin, Great analysis as usual, Much appreciated. I really find your trading style very relaxed and straight to the point as it focus on logic and ignore the noisy nitty grittys. Thank you very much and god bless.

  6. Hi J, how do i include the USD INDEX in my trading analysis, how important is it, and how does it affect my trading of the currencies that are paired against the USD? Thank you.

  7. Hi Justin,

    Thanks for your support. I have also been monitoring this pair. The retest has taken place on a 1h chart. You still seeing a good ‘short’ prospect?

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