GBPUSD Buyers Still Have Work to Do

by Justin Bennett  · 

May 1, 2019

by Justin Bennett  · 

May 1, 2019

by Justin Bennett  · 

May 1, 2019

Important: This site uses New York Close Forex Charts so that each 24-hour session starts and ends at 5 pm EST. These charts are essential for trading price action.

GBPUSD bulls have been on a tear so far this week.

They even took out a key horizontal level near 1.3000 during yesterday’s session. You can see how this area supported the pair in March and April.

However, buyers are approaching a level that has gone undetected by most.

There is an ascending channel that connects with the March 14th and April 5th lows as well as the January 25th and February 27th highs.

You can see how GBPUSD is trading just below this former channel support.

At the moment, that area comes in near 1.3100.

But given the bullish momentum so far this week, it will be essential to see GBPUSD stall here before considering a short.

In fact, I’m going to require bearish price action around the 1.3100 region before I even think about selling the pair.

Key support comes in at 1.2885 followed by 1.2800.

You can see where the former was a gap from mid-February.

Last but not least, I have to stress the importance of staying patient, especially considering the indecisive movement so far in 2019.

The year-to-date price action has been challenging to read, and the GBPUSD is no exception.

In times like this, it’s often best to scale back position sizes and administer an extra dose of patience.

In other words, use smaller positions and trade less until conditions improve.

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GBPUSD ascending channel

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    1. What are your thoughts on gbpnzd? It have breached the 1.964 level… Will a close on daily above this level invalidate the bearish movement?

    1. Is it “cool” to place an order? I’m not sure what you mean by that.

      The best thing you can do is to evaluate opportunities based on the rules you’ve outlined for yourself. If you don’t have rules, you should work on getting some ASAP!

  2. Yesterday pair have made pinbar on daily time frame. Just as you have said in the article there should be some kind of price pattern.

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