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GBPJPY Breaks Key Support Ahead of Carney, May Speeches


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The GBPJPY is now down 550 pips since breaking below rising wedge support on February 7. This was an idea I posted on the 5th and subsequently took advantage of during the BOE-induced spike on February 8.

That entry, by the way, was announced in the member’s area as it played out.

We can even see how buyers retested former wedge support as new resistance during the February 9 session (see second chart below). So there were, in fact, multiple opportunities to get short following the February 7 close at 151.73.

One of the levels I highlighted when the pair was still trading at 152.00 was the 147.00 handle. The level served as support between early October and late November of last year.

Yesterday’s 146.77 close puts the risk-sensitive pair below the key level. We can already see how sellers have come out to defend the 147.00 handle during today’s session.

On a more macro level, Wednesday’s close also puts the GBPJPY below the trend line that extends from the 2016 low.

GBPJPY long-term trend line

The February 7 breakdown was no doubt an important moment for the pair. But the daily close below the multi-year trend line shown above carries much broader implications.

Now, another level that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time is 147.90. In fact, in my opinion, the 147.90 area has more going for it than 147.00.

Whether or not prices can get back there before the next leg lower is yet to be seen, but as long as the pair remains below this level, I will stay bearish the GBPJPY.

One consideration from an event risk standpoint is Friday’s speech from the BOE’s Governor Carney at 5 am EST. But perhaps more impactful is the speech from Prime Minister May on issues surrounding the Brexit debate.

The timing of May’s speech is tentative last I checked, but it’s sure to move the needle for the pound.

To summarize, I’m looking for the GBPJPY to remain below 147.90 on a daily closing basis (New York 5 pm EST). As long as that’s the case, I will continue to favor selling strength into new resistance levels. If 147.90 fails to hold as resistance, we’ll see further gains into 148.80 followed by 150.30.

Key support comes in at 145.85 followed by 144.00 and 141.40. If the pair closes back above the 147.00 handle, the area could attract a few buyers during the next leg lower.

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GBPJPY key support and resistance

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Chucks says

“That entry, by the way, was announced in the member’s area as it played out.”
I love above statement.
Like how many of such announcements are made in a week?

    Justin Bennett says

    Glad to hear you enjoyed that statement. Recently, there have been a few, including the GBPUSD short at 1.4058 just the other day and the EURJPY short when the pair was just above 136.60, which is now 700 pips in the money.

    I also announced my GBPJPY short on February 8 when the pair was near 153.50. That one is just over 700 pips in the money.

    The reason I make such statements is to show that I put my money where my mouth is. I don’t just analyze markets, I also actively trade them. There are some website owners out there who can’t say the same.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Chucks says

      You dont provide signal but you offer something BIGGER and BETTER than signal which require NO SL. With close to 2000pips, am sure that someone who traded the set up with you would make 30% ROI

        Justin Bennett says

        I always use a stop loss. Most times I utilize a hard/soft stop combination to mitigate losses.

        But you’re right, I don’t give signals. The announcements I make in the community are merely what I’m doing in my account.

          Chucks says

          … hard/soft stop combination …
          I had not heard of that before, please explain

      Cliff says

      I still get very confused how Price Action is analysedesigned. Could you please briefly explain to us Justin?

      Erwan says

      Im speechless…your analysis now growing my acc..thanks alot teacher

        Hosea says

        Mine too. and what i like about this style of trading is that you don’t get panic attacks. lol.

mani says

hi justin….. i been following ur post for some time now and i learn alot ..tq…..1 question im using ha candlestick indicator to see price action…is it suitable to use ha candestick to follow price action or is it lagging indicator…

BH says

Hi Justin
How can one become a member in the members area you mentioned. I am interested. Thanks

Niranjan says

Thank you very much for your analysis. Those are very useful. I’m not a member yet. I will be a member very soon.
Can you please explain the latest situation of EURNZD pair.

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