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EURUSD Consolidation to Trigger Breakout Opportunity


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The EURUSD continues to consolidate following Monday’s 100-pip rally.

Tuesday’s session formed an indecision candle, and Wednesday was an inside day which illustrates more consolidation.

So far, today’s price action hasn’t ventured outside yesterday’s range either.

It seems buyers and sellers have yet to decide which direction they want to take the single currency from here.

But this sideways movement can’t last forever.

At some point, EURUSD is going to break from consolidation, which could provide an opportunity.

I would say the 1.1180 support is a “must hold” level for buyers.

A move below 1.1180 could be the start of a move that unwinds most if not all of Monday’s rally.

On the other hand, a break above this week’s high of 1.1250 would expose those 1.1280 highs.

It could also very well take the EURUSD back to the range ceiling at 1.1410.

Of course, nothing says you have to trade the pair.

There’s a lack of direction here, not to mention price action that I would consider less than favorable for a swing trade.

But if you insist on trading the EURUSD, it seems a break below 1.1180 would expose 1.1110 while a move above 1.1250 would target 1.1280 followed by 1.1410.

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EURUSD support and resistance levels

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Justin Bennett says

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Kelvin says

Thanks for your good information

    Justin Bennett says

    You’re welcome, Kelvin.

Praise says

always grateful for the updates. sir Jusin

salim cheaito says

i would say something about euro ,my advise is to sell the euro on the long term to target 1.0980 due to many fact.
the manufacturing ,retail sales ,economy was doing very bad and the stimulus to cut interest rate was high in September(ECB) and especially the cut rate 0.25% in USA was for protect the economy from trade war and to give Mr trump a good gun to fire china.

from technical perspective i will not see the euro more than 1.11365 and i think is a good place here to sell it

    Petrokimia says

    I choose buy

    Roy says

    I’d rather not speculate on where the pair is going. I have been wrong on so many occasions from a long term view anyway.
    I let the chart do the talking and try my best to not trade the news rumors.

nadzuah says

justin thank you for the great analysis, i always follow your RnS.

Kevin says

Thanks Justin. This is my first exposure to your trading info and I will take close attention over coming weeks. It appears that your info is exactly what I like. Best regards

Steven says

Thank you Justin. It’s always a pleasure reading your analysis.

derrick says

it was great thanks very much sir


Hi Justin! It’s been a while I made comments here but I respect your analysis. Great job from you. Thanks for the support.

Sihle says

Thank you so much for your guidance. Since I came across your website, my trading has really improved!

Shambhu Singh says

Best signals & forcasta , I am happy , thanks

Robert Massawe says

I wish to be with great knowledge of this busness through you if possible

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