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ETHUSD: Ethereum Prepares for New All-Time Highs


To say ETH (Ethereum) has performed well for us would be a massive understatement.

Ethereum was trading at $243 when I first mentioned it on this site.

That’s also when I was buying ETH.

Fast forward to today, and the cryptocurrency is trading at $1,160.

I’ve since bought several pullbacks along the way, including the recent dip below $1,000, as I announced on Twitter.

Anyone who bought ETH last year has at least doubled their money.

Even those who bought on December 31st are up over 50% as of this post.

But today’s article is about what’s next for the ETHUSD chart.

More specifically, what happens now that the market is hovering just below all-time highs around $1,440?

But first, there is no way for me or anyone to know exactly when Ethereum will make new all-time highs.

It could happen a few days from now or a few weeks.

However, I am confident that new highs for ETH are only a matter of time.

And if Ethereum follows Bitcoin, a close above the $1,440 area will send ETH to $3,000 in less than a month.

As Daily Price Action members know, I’ve called for ETHUSD to surpass $10,000 this year.

I’ve mentioned that since ETHUSD was trading at $250 last year.

So far, ether is right on track.

Just keep in mind that nothing goes up in a straight line.

Four days ago, ETHUSD completed a 32% pullback, and there are bound to be more retracements throughout 2021.

That said, I’ll continue to treat dips as buying opportunities, especially while ETHUSD trades below its all-time high near $1,440.

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ETHUSD weekly chart
ETHUSD weekly time frame

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