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ETHUSD: Ethereum Dip to Offer Buying Opportunity


ETHUSD just experienced a 10% pullback from yesterday’s high.

Such retracements in crypto aren’t all that rare.

I was also anticipating this drop to the $1,950 region per my comments yesterday on Twitter.

In fact, the lower boundary to my support area for Ethereum was $1,933.

Today’s low is $1,930.

But the big question is, has Ethereum bottomed?

While there are no guarantees, the $1,950 region is incredibly strong.

ETHUSD weekly time frame

Notice how the area between $1,930 and $1,950 is weekly support.

However, Wednesday’s price action isn’t overly convincing.

After an initial 4% bounce, ETHUSD stalled out and even revisited the $1,940 area again.

And although the market is staying above $1,930 for now, I haven’t seen the buying pressure one would expect after a 10% pullback from all-time highs.

Furthermore, both BTC and ETH are holding below critical resistance levels.

For BTCUSD, it’s the $56,800 level.

The market needs to get back above that area on a 4-hour closing basis to expose higher levels.

And for ETHUSD, the pair needs to get above $2,010 on the 4-hour chart to regain its footing.

Until that happens, the crypto markets look vulnerable.

If $1,930 support for ETHUSD fails, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the $1,850 support area.

I’ll also be eyeing $54,000 for BTCUSD.

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