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AUDUSD Reclaims Confluence of Support at 0.6750


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Today’s price action is shaping up to be an impressive recovery from AUDUSD bulls.

Although we still have one hour left in today’s session, buyers have reclaimed the 0.6750 area on a 4-hour closing basis.

This 0.6750 region was our target following the July 25th breakdown.

As you can see, 0.6750 is the location of descending channel support as well as a horizontal level that supported the pair earlier this year.

Today’s recovery is why I don’t sell downside breaks of descending levels.

Even if AUDUSD had closed today below 0.6750, I wouldn’t want to entertain a short given the descending nature of this channel.

If we do see the pair close back above 0.6750 today, however, I will begin watching for a break above today’s high at 0.6782.

I’m going to require more from AUDUSD bulls than I otherwise would given the longer-term downtrend here.

I don’t want to buy into that without some form of confirmation.

A break above Wednesday’s high would be the first higher high since AUDUSD started its descent on July 19th.

It would also expose that 0.6830 resistance area I mentioned on the 6th.

But until we see buyers carve a higher high, I’ll remain on the sideline.

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AUDUSD recovery above support

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martin dixon says

crisp and clear, I love this….

    Justin Bennett says

    Cheers, Martin.

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Thanks for very fine analysis.

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    You’re very welcome.

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Justin I love the way you analysis market. Please I want you to be my mentor in forex trading. Thank you

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Thanks for your clear price action analysis,it’s really easy to understand,I really wish you to be my mentor for trading daily charts.

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