Simple Forex Position Size Calculator

The Forex Position Size Calculator is a trader’s most valuable tool. It allows you to calculate the exact position size for any trade so that you always stay in control of your risk and avoid blowing out your account on a single trade.

The calculator below will work with all major currency pairs and crosses as well as eight different account currencies. You can also toggle between a risk percentage or a fixed dollar amount.

Enter the values below and select “Calculate” to properly size any position. See detailed instructions.

  • ambrose says:

    i wanted to calculate position size for CADCHF and another column popped up requesting for price of USDCHF.
    i couldn’t proceed beyond that level, please guide me.

    • Hi Ambrose,

      You need to input the current price for USDCHF in that case in order to make the conversion. Once you do that and hit “Calculate” you will see the results.



  • Joe Malonzo says:

    Hi Justin,

    Thank you for the article– when entering relatively quickly with day trading, how do you correctly ‘estimate’ the stop-loss distance, (since the entry fill may vary from the ideal entry)?

    Say the ideal entry/stop loss distance is 5 pips, would you make it 6 pips on the calculator just in case the entry order fill may be slightly off from the ideal entry for the trade setup?

    I am currently trying to figure out if it is best to estimate more pips when calculating the stop loss in pips.
    **To keep risk controlled per trade

    Please advise,


    • Hi Josef,

      I never deal with stops that small so that’s tough for me to answer but a general rule when trading is to always stay conservative when managing risk.

      Hope that helps.


      • Joe Malonzo says:

        Thanks for the quick reply Justin!

        This definitely helps. I will remember to stay conservative when calculating position size per trade. It has taken me a few years and now I am aware of the importance of the essentials: trader mindset, risk-reward/position size, risk management, money management, and a winning system that favors probabilities on the side of the trader, (win-rate with a matching risk-reward ratio per trade).

        Thank you for continuing to help fellow traders like myself navigate the path to achieving desirable results in the market,


  • Ahmad, are you asking how to use the calculator?

  • Antonio says:

    Hi Justin,

    I’m toying with the idea of trading gold and silver (XAUUSD & XAGUSD) as well as the usual currencies.
    Any chance you could add those to the currency pairs in the calculator?



    • Antonio, at the moment I’m only supporting currency pairs, but that might be something I can add in the future.

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  • Nishantha says:

    Hi Justin,

    In the question asked by ambrose, how can we find the current price for CADCHF quickly? Is it correct if we read current ask price from the CADCHF chart and put that value there? Plz help us.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hannes Jacobsson says:

    Thank you for great information and a good calculator.

    I was wondering if you can applicate this calculation in situations were you are trading with leverage? Is it the same principle but just multiply with the leverage?

    Hannes Jacobsson

  • Ted says:

    How do i calculate for index eg DAX30?
    The calculator provided above does not calculate for indices .
    I like to know how many lots i need to trade if i risk 2% of 5000 USD with 400 points risk.

    Thank you

  • Arhan Arya says:

    Thank you very much Justin for giving this Awesome gift of positon size calculator 🍀💚🍀

  • Ali Senejani says:

    Thanks for the calculator. Can you add SGD as the account currency too? Thanks.

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