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EURUSD Breaks Key Support, Targets 1.1110


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Just two days ago, we discussed a EURUSD short idea.

At the time, the euro was trading above the confluence of support at 1.1250/60.

You can see the horizontal level in this area along with ascending channel support that extends from the May 30th low.

However, today’s sub 1.1250 close means that any retest of the area as new resistance is likely to encounter selling pressure.

Keep in mind that the area could be as high as 1.1270.

As long as EURUSD stays below 1.1270 on a daily closing basis, I favor shorting the pair for a move to the next key support at 1.1110.

The 1.1110 level triggered the bounce in late May and early June. It’s also the year-to-date low.

With that in mind, I expect buyers to take an interest in the event of a retest.

But another bounce from 1.1110 may only serve as temporary relief for the single currency.

As of now, the downtrend that began early last year is still very much intact.

I also don’t see any reason to think that sellers are tiring, especially after giving up the 1.1250/60 support area today.

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EURUSD ascending channel break

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  • Aaron says:

    You the best Justin… I killed eurusd thanks to you

  • Paul says:

    Correntomundo Justin this setup has just presented its self nicely, Thank you

  • Fuad says:

    any update on GBPCAD ?

  • Dorin says:

    Hello Justin.Don’t think the support is around 1.1204-1.1195.It’s posible to see o rebound from this zone?

    • Jenerali says:

      It is possible but more often than not price tends to move as low as an inception point (level) of the channel support

    • Sina says:

      You were spot on. Let us see what happens tomorrow though. Seeing that the pair closed below 1.12700

  • ali says:

    thanks … it looks very simple setup…

  • Mark says:

    Hi sir….eurusd looks very choppy….hmmm….how bout setting a sellimit at 1.1270….I follow u(short).tq sir

  • ginn says:

    hahaha… [email protected] chart now boss!!

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