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  • muhammad ashraf says:

    very good working this pinbar, first time i understand thanks dear

  • sachin says:

    thanks sir, very helpfull videos.. sir u should post more videos like this probably after u complete ur live trades .. i am learning a lot from ur strategis .. really thanks sir .. people really need mentors like u ..

  • philly0128 says:

    What if you’re in an uptrend and you have a mother bar showing buyers and then the inside bar is a red bar “sales” or vis Versa you are in a downtrend and you have a red mother bar but then you have a blue inside bar, would you use the same strategy?

    • The color of the inside bar isn’t significant. What’s more important are things like the strength of the trend, location of the inside bar and its position relative to the mother bar.

      Hope that helps.

  • michael walker says:

    sachin says
    August 24, 2016
    thanks sir, very helpfull videos.. sir u should post more videos like this probably after u complete ur live trades .. i am learning a lot from ur strategis .. really thanks sir .. people really need mentors like u …This confirms my comment I posted about the value of post trade reviews

  • DEON says:

    Absolutely great simple but yet very informative Thank you

  • thanks for you it is very good strategy

  • Kevin Glancy says:

    I use iq options 2 minute and 60 second trades do you have any live trades videos using the pin bar on short term trades

  • arie says:

    It looks the engulfing strategy?

  • Heleen van Gulik says:

    Dear Justin,
    Thanks for all your good lessons!
    I like very much the clarity of your charts. What software are you using?

  • Oiva Säkkinen says:

    Tervehdys: Miten yhteistyömme onnistuu, kun puhun vain Suomea.
    Englannin kiekleni on niin heikko että joudun kaiken kääntämään.
    Terveisin Oiva Säkkinen
    Olen tammikuusta 2010 asti estinyt järjestelmää joka toimisi

  • Lindy says:

    Good day
    where can i download the videos?

  • Rich says:

    Hey Justin,

    have been looking at your daily set up and video and I must that they are very powerful information.Will jumping on board soon.Keep up the great work.

  • phornniwat keawkanya says:

    thanks for you it is very good strategy, working this pinbar

  • Varaja says:

    Sir what are the benefits of member area.


    Thank you very much for the info on Inside Bar.

  • kartik poddarp says:

    nice videos, great man

  • kartik poddar says:

    nice videos, y great

  • Roy says:

    I just realised that a retest of support or resistance can happen straight after price breaks a key level or months later!

  • doel says:

    Sir Justin, thank you for sharing your ideas, i actually watch all your videos and it really contribute a lot in my CBR strategy(Consolidation Breakout and Retracement) especially when it will create pin bar in the RS area.

  • john says:

    i am a believer in the fib’s as it is a universal indicator based upon mathematical formulas- it has proven to be a reliable indicator of extensions and retracement levels!


  • Lourens says:

    What if you get an inside bar at resistance/support?
    Is that a reversal bar?

  • Vasco Mwalongo says:

    Thanks again Justin. added more on trading the Pin Bars. did not know how to trade them before! I was so surprised when you said 80% of your trading you use pin bars. i will practice them too to see how i can improve my trading

  • Vasco Mwalongo says:

    Justin, try to see the Daily chart of GBP/JPY, there is a bullish pin bar formation but did not touch the confluence area of the Horizontal line and the trend line, neither it touched the horizontal line or the trend line. plz, say something on this. thanks

  • gopi says:

    Hey Justin can you tell what MA you use EMA? and period ?

  • wasim says:


  • saree says:

    Helo sir

    which moving average the you used in the chart ?
    thank you

  • Samiir ma foolge says:

    Thanks jutin

  • tamie says:

    thank you very much with the fruitful info will you please go deeper on levels …….support and resistance

  • Sanaullah says:

    OMG ! i haver never seen any videos like this before ..
    watched so many videos on youtube but not seen single video like this based on price action …
    Do you a youtube channel ?
    And i wanted to know that do you have courses (Paid or Free) ?

  • Glynn Burton says:

    Enjoyed the video on the Double Tops Justin. However, could you tell me why you did not enter the Pin bar buy signal at resistance. At that point it would have looked like a great buying opportunity in my eyes. Many Thanks…..Glynn.

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