Ted H. United States

I wanted to thank Justin for his site. I’ve been trading the Forex market since 2012, I can say I was a mediocre trader at best, you know the one (maybe yourself?) good months, bad months and at the end breakeven or worse.

I found Justin’s commentary on Twitter and became interested in trying price action without all the lagging indicators. After trying everything else in this market for three years I decided to get serious and really pursue this form of trading.

The course material is laid out starting at step one and very well explained. One of the key factors for me was learning when to take profit and not sell/buy into support/resistance as I did so many times before but look for those low risk, high reward setups. Also it has become part of my daily trading routine to check in on the “live” setups section.

If you are looking for handouts this isn’t it, but give it your 100% effort and you won’t need handouts and you will learn to successfully trade on your own, with your own tools and knowledge. The cost of Justin’s course was minuscule compared to the return, to put it in traders terms my ROI (return on investment) as of today is 8,900% and that is not a joke.

Thank you again Justin, you changed everything for me.

I’ve been a full member of Justin’s Daily Price Action site for just 2 months and can honestly say it has completely transformed my approach to trading. I’d previously relied heavily on different combinations of indicators on numerous time-frames and never seemed to get anywhere and was close to giving up.

Then I came across Justin’s site and decided to take the plunge into the world of Price Action trading. Gone are the indicators and crowded, over-complicated charts and methods, and instead I now use pure price action exactly as Justin teaches. His educational material and lessons are clear and concise, and the thriving online forum community on his site puts you amongst many other like-minded price action traders, discussing trades and trading opportunities as they arise and giving you a fantastic opportunity and environment in which to learn this simple yet highly effective trading method.

If you are serious about becoming successful in trading, and transforming the way you approach the Forex market forever, I can’t recommend Justin Bennett highly enough as a coach and mentor.

Jake M. United Kingdom

David C. United Kingdom

After a year of Trial and Error, Joy, Pain and £3000 hole in my account fate led me to Justin Bennett. After only 1 week being a member I feel like a real Trader for the very first time.

Not one day has passed without learning something new. No more staring at charts not knowing what to do or look for. I now have structure and a strategy. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made! Within my 1st week of joining I spotted 2 setups resulting in a handsome profit!

Just wanted to say “Bravo” on the site, content and daily analysis. I was blown away to find the Live Analysis section. I have come across a few other price action Forex sites in my trading travels over the years, but even your free training, articles and daily potential set ups offer more then the other guys do for paid.

All I can say is if you are serious about learning the skill of price action trading, Justin is the coach to follow. It’s a simple, affordable one-time fee but the knowledge and skills you will acquire will last a life time.

Thanks again Justin, this really is a top-notch, content-rich Forex community. I am reaping the rewards of being a member and following your lead!

Colin T. Alberta, Canada

Hamed M. Canada

I am PhD student and the first time that I heard about Forex from my friend, was in May 2013. Since the first day, I found it very close to the ideal job that I wanted to do.

Before taking this course, I thought trading is just about finding a pin bar, key levels, etc. But this course made me aware of many psychological issues that will happened to a trader. It taught me that trading is more about having discipline and consistency rather just finding a setup.

Since 5 month ago, I started to trade again and my results improved a lot. I managed to earn 2-10% monthly profit with small draw-down (<10%). I am at the end of my PhD and I got hired in a prop trading firm as a junior trader. I passed their requirements and I will start trading live for the firm from next week. [Read Hamed's full story here]

I wish to congratulate you for initiating and continually developing your “Daily Price Action” website. Initially, I became a member to simply access the Price Action Course, but much to my delight the peripheral benefits of membership have outweighed my expectations.

The course is very informative and relevant with real time chart illustrations, however I mostly appreciate the growing community of members that has evolved. Your Daily Set Ups are informative and valuable, whilst our contributions and opinions are greatly encouraged.

You are inspirational, with a great ability to mentor and transform our community, from system rule based traders to patient, discretionary and flexible traders. Optimism is great, but worthless unless you can combine the realism of trading, so thank you for providing a valuable community for “real retail traders”.

Angela O. Australia

David W. United States

Thanks Justin for providing such a great site. I can honestly say that the education I obtained after joining your site in just a few short months has drastically helped me to become a more successful trader. I have gained more knowledge and experience in just a few months than the previous 18 months I spent with indicator based systems because they just don’t teach support/resistance and trend lines as your site does. Thanks again.

It’s been just about 3 weeks after joining Justin’s Price Action Course and I barely recognize myself. This thing has changed my views of the Forex market that almost instantly, my trading mentality improved. I’m learning how to be more patient and to finally see what’s really important to be able to consistently make money in this trade. That is, waiting for the best set-ups even if it meant trading less frequently. I guess it is all summed up by one of my favorite things Mr. Bennett tells his students: Trading less frequently is boring only if you think making money is boring! Haha. It hit me like a brick in the head (in a very good way)!

If you’re a struggling trader like me who’s been at it since 2009 with nothing to show for it, and if you’ve had enough of too many indicators “spaghettifying” your charts, it’s time to clean things up a bit, ask for help, and perhaps see things in a different light. Understanding price action is one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself and your trading. And I don’t think you will go wrong asking the help of Mr. Bennett in this matter.

Sherwin C. Philippines

Jimmy F. United States

The lesson’s and info on this site are simple, clear, short and straightforward. They are powerful because they work. The strategies give you a foundation so you know what to look for across all pairs. From my research on Forex markets, most of the heavy hitters and bank traders trade using daily charts. This is exactly how Justin teaches and the insight he gives will take your understanding of Forex markets to the next level.

On the member’s site there is a section for “live trade setups”. This section makes the site that much more valuable, because you can watch Justin and members put live trades on using what he teaches. This separates it from other sites and drastically improves the learning curve. I will never look at another chart the same! Thanks Justin, I owe you big time. Great work!

I have been a member of DPA since July 2015 after following Justin on Twitter for a number of months. The charts and analysis he posted there seemed at first, too simple to be worthwhile looking into any further but then I realised that the simplicity of his trading style had an edge.

I had been scrambling around like a headless chicken chasing every movement of every Forex pair using a myriad of different indicators desperately trying to make money back that I had previously lost, all to no avail of course.

The 8 months that I have been learning to trade with Justin at DPA has helped me enormously, and although I am still trying to tame some bad habits from the past I have now regained some of the money I previously lost. More importantly, however, he is helping me and others here at DPA to build a firm foundation of Forex trading skills that will last a life time, and if used diligently and patiently, will help build a nice residual income.

Justin is a straight-up humble guy who refuses (thankfully) to spoon feed anyone. He always answers our questions but will first make us form our own opinion about a certain trade before he will give any feedback which is a great way to learn.

If you are experienced but think you may just need that push or guidance to get you to the next level or you are a complete beginner, you will not go wrong joining the DPA community, especially at the ridiculously low price Justin asks for.

Thanks as always Justin…

David W. Australia

Oliver S. Switzerland

Since I became a Member to this community I have learned and improved a lot, especially the teachings about a proper Risk to Reward Ratio and the right Price Action Signals has brought my trading to a new Level.

Justin’s guidance opened my eyes.

I’m now able to read the market by myself and to understand how price reacts to key levels of support and resistance.

So far my account is growing nicely.

I now understand that it is so important to trade only the higher time frames and to patiently wait for the best setups to come along.

Combined with a proper Risk to Reward Ratio and sound Money Management, there is a high chance to succeed over the long run.

Probably the most important thing I learned from Justin is how to put the odds in your favor.

Justin’s Weekly Forecast and also the Live Setups section on the website are very helpful in the quest to become a consistently proficient Trader.

I highly recommend Justin’s Daily Price Action Method.

When I found Daily Price Action I was almost ready to give up on Forex. After two full years of learning different systems and theory I was still getting nowhere, but when I found Justin’s articles I could see that his approach was essentially very simple and sound, so I joined the DPA membership site and am so glad I did.

Going through the full course was very beneficial but although I was learning the concepts I didn’t always stick to them. For every step forward I was still taking one or two steps back. I mentioned my frustration on the DPA site and soon had an inquiry about what help I might need. Thinking hard about that question was my turning point. I went through the DPA course notes and videos again and this time I took my own notes and wrote my own concise trading plan.

From then on, with a much better idea of what I was looking for, I simply followed my plan. Keeping it simple and disciplined, I began with looking out for just a couple of patterns and slowly added more as I saw results. 

My trading results improved to the point where I doubled my account in under six months. It really was not hard, and didn’t take much weekly screen time to achieve. I’m always learning more, but I feel that now I’m well on my way to long-term trading success. I am very grateful to Justin Bennett and the Daily Price Action site and members.

Paul C. New Zealand

Clayton D. United Kingdom

Hi Justin. I'm just writing to say thank you!! Price action trading is in my blood now. I finally found my style.

GBP/NZD is 500 pips up. Looks like it is going to reach my target. That is the first time ever I have a trade on 500 pips in profit.

Also my view on money management changed completely. I can finally see and understand the importance of 2R or more.

After finding your site and deciding to become a member, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for providing such an excellent no nonsensical analysis and trades to take. I am already almost 100% up on my profit in just 6 days of trading. After having lost almost in the low 5 digits in my years of Forex trading, it gives me immense confidence in taking up trades after reading your excellent analysis and charts. For now I am following your trades and hope to learn the setups slowly and become much better trader.

Thank you Justin for all that you do and may God almighty bless you and your family.

Suba United States

Shan P. United States

Your teachings and trade setup guidance are amazing Justin!! I find it really lucky to be part of this great group. Am able to get my bearings now and seeing big improvement in my trading!!

I had been a part of many many forums and discussions before. I would definitely rank DPA as No. 1!!

I cannot say enough about Justin and this site. I happened upon it purely by accident, and right away I noticed something different about it.

I signed up on the email list, took all of the free stuff that I could, and I tell you; what a difference it made. So, I vowed to join the membership site.

Since joining, my trading and most importantly - my realization of the "patience factor" has brought me to a completely new level of trading.

I am so glad that I have finally joined; after following Justin for over a year now... and even when I get to the point of trading full time... I will never leave here either!

Thank you so much Justin!

David W. Canada

Sachin V. United Kingdom

I have been a member of DPA for 3 months. Since joining, the angle of my equity curve growth has steepened sharply. The best part of DPA? - no spoon feeding. Through forum discussions, and advice from Justin, members are guided to think for themselves.

I am opening fewer positions by limiting myself to the highest probability trades, becoming very selective in my entry points, and not closing out winning positions early.

The combination of fewer losing trades and letting my profits run to target by being patient, has made a significant difference in my profitability.

Thanks Justin!!

Justin, You changed my thinking about trading 2 months ago. My whole life changed because of spreading your wisdom and experience.

Today I am profitable, my account is growing tremendously and many people are interested in my results. I write this because I want you to know you are doing something that really helps people to achieve their goal to become a self confident trader.

Today I am really proud to be your student. It was the best amount I've ever invest in my trading career. I appreciate your hard work Justin. Hats off.

Adam M. Maldives

Lorie R. United States

I’ve been trading Forex for the last 6 years, and mostly in the lower time frames without any consistent success. I’ve known the last couple years that the higher time frames are the ones that make the difference, but I’ve just never been able to make them work.

Until now!

Justin, thankfully has given me all the missing answers I needed to make this transition and to finally become a successful trader. He clearly explains in precise detail what to look for, how it’s confirmed, where to take profit and much more.

Even more important though, he explains the mental game which is the major thing that takes so much time in conquering. He has created the whole package for those patient enough to succeed.

I can’t thank you enough Justin.

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