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USDJPY Holds Below 107.60


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Just last week we looked at USDJPY. More specifically, we were watching to see how the 108.70 region would hold up as new resistance.

As you can see from the chart below, sellers defended that area last week.

The next key level on our radar was 107.60. This is the January 3rd flash crash close, which is a big deal as we’ve witnessed on other yen pairs.

Thursday’s sub 107.60 close meant the area was likely to attract sellers.

The new resistance level defended well on Friday, and will likely continue to serve as resistance next week.

As for key support on the way down, the year-to-date low at 105.60 is one to watch.

However, due to the volatility on January 3rd, the exact low may differ depending on your broker.

But a look back at the price action from early last year shows that 105.60 is indeed a support level to keep an eye on as we move forward.

Only a daily close back above 107.60 would negate my bearish outlook here.

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USDJPY new resistance level

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san lim says

Hi justin,
Really great analysis. Wanted to know what is your EMA/SMA settings?

Benjamin says

Yen strong.Great analysis.

Victor Ojo says

You remain my man any day anytime. Your analysis are straightforward and easy to understand. God bless great mentor

Emmanuel says

105.6 support is not an impossibility considering brewing tension surrounding iran and fiery trump

Mr Q says

year dollar weekness . Great analysis .

Trevor says

Justin your analysis is great thanks

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