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GBPNZD Bearish Price Action Threatens Relief Rally


GBPNZD has been off my radar for several months now. However, the bearish price action that resulted from yesterday’s session is intriguing for a few reasons.

Aside from the brief higher high in May, the pound cross has been in a relatively steep downtrend since September of last year. This makes yesterday’s bearish signal congruent with the prevailing trend.

It was also a rejection from a critical level that dates back to August of 2015. This level previously served as support between August of last year and February of this year before the Brexit-inspired selloff put the pair below the key handle.

GBPNZD trend line from 2015

And finally, yesterday’s bearish price action formed immediately following Monday’s inside bar. Technically, that makes the pattern an inside bar pin bar combination, a pattern that is often more reliable than a standalone pin bar.

The last 48 hours could be a sign that this seven-day relief rally has run its course. If this is true, a move back toward recent multi-year lows at 1.7700 could be in the cards.

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GBPNZD inside bar pin bar combo

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Tanvir says

There is a weak bullish engulfing bar formed in weekly chart. Doesn’t it indicate a buying pressure?

    Justin Bennett says

    Perhaps, but we’ll have to wait and see. I’ve already instructed my members how to approach this one given the earlier GBP news.

Moshood says

hello, exactly their is an bullish engulfing on weekly chat,

Fathin says

Hi Justin,

The EurNzd looks more interesting because the pin bar has a very long tail and small nose, along with the down trend and (10 and 20) EMA’s being close to each other. I am bearish on this one.

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