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GBPJPY Relief Rally Stalls at 135.40


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GBPJPY bulls appear to be in trouble.

The pair has struggled all week to break the 135.40 resistance level.

On Thursday, GBPJPY carved what some may have thought to be a bullish pin bar.

But we now know it was more of a hanging man that signaled a last “gasp” from buyers.

The pair also carved a bearish engulfing day on Friday.

Combine these factors, and it appears GBPJPY may be headed back to 132.20 next week.

But the significance of 135.40 shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has been following along.

I wrote about 132.20 and 135.40 in the September 8 Weekly Forex Forecast.

Here’s what I wrote:

Although it wasn’t a huge factor last week, buyers also broke the trend line that extends from the May high.

That’s one more indication that GBPJPY bulls want to take the pair higher.

However, I think the more important factor here is last week’s higher high and whether or not the pair can carve a higher low this week.

Key resistance for the week ahead comes in at 132.20.

Break that and we could see GBPJPY trend higher toward the 135.40 area.

That area, by the way, is very near the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the year-to-date range.

Quote from Justin Bennett on September 8

As you can see, we were well aware that this GBPJPY relief rally might falter at 135.40.

Given the bearish signals this week, I anticipate sellers will want to defend any retest of the 135.00 area next week.

There’s no guarantee we will get that retest, but that’s now the must-hold level for sellers, in my opinion.

Key support remains the same at 132.20 with a close below that exposing 130.40.

The USDJPY, which I wrote about earlier on Friday, didn’t do GBPJPY bulls any favors either.

The close back inside channel support suggests a move back to 106.80 for USDJPY.

It’s why I told members that I’d be waiting for Friday to close before making a decision.

It may seem irrelevant, but the USDJPY can be a barometer for risk sentiment.

It can also hint at moves from yen crosses like the GBPJPY.

The bearish price action from both pairs (USDJPY and GBPJPY) are complimentary and hint at a stronger Japanese yen next week.

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GBPJPY bearish signals at 135.40 resistance

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Braine says

In my own opinion, it might even break the next support because reversal with ENGULFING CANDLE is always huge.
Let’s wait and see.

    Justin Bennett says

    It’s possible.

Kingsley Ifeanyi says

Well thanks allot boss..

Less watch it

Martins says

Nice analysis .please how do I message you personally?

    Justin Bennett says

    Thanks. You can use the contact form on this site.

Joseph P. Timogene says

Well said Justin we will see were it goes next week. I like trading this pair due of it volatility.

    Justin Bennett says

    Cheers, Joseph. Have a great week!

ayesha says

what is next for gbpusd

Joseph segun says

Nice job Justin

    Justin Bennett says

    Thanks, Joseph.

Yoannpratama says

Very good analisis justin …

sifiso Hlatshwayo says

Hi Mr Bennett. Im so glad to see that you drew those levels on the poundyen, however I know that not all smart money orders lie in one price, the smart money will have orders pilling up in price range or zone. Now on to the price action of the pound yen; just like most pound pairs this quarter, the smart money bought it hard..they are now covering their longs, dumping the pound on to uninformed late buyers ( retail traders), price will drop and hit retail traders stop losses. Unfortunately this will also induce new and old retail traders short this week..but come October, the market will hunt their stops high month beginning hen it wil drop to around 131.38-130.17, then form the low of the quarter and rise for the last quarter ( false move year ending).

    Sifiso says

    Price has started to drop on the pound-yen daily chart. Just like I predicted above. I am patiently watching my shorts( poundyen, poundaussie and poundnzd) materialise, however I will close them just before the month ends if they do not reach my take profits. (TIME STOPS)….A FEW RETAIL TRADERS USE TIME-STOPS, hence they outstay their winning positions only to see them evaporate as the market maker punishes them for such sinful trading.

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