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GBPJPY: All Eyes on 142.80 Following Intraday Rally


Following a gap up to start the week, the GBPJPY is testing the resilience of sellers above the 142.80 handle. This level has capped every advance since the pair closed below the confluence of support on August 10th.

Buyers are now facing a bit of resistance near 143.50. This area served as a pivot between mid-May and early June of this year.

In situations like this, it’s usually best to wait for the session close at 5 pm EST. If buyers manage a close above 142.80, I suspect any retest of the area to be met with an influx of buying pressure.

If on the other hand sellers reject today’s advance with a daily close below 142.80, we could have a bearish pin bar on our hands. It would suggest that bears remain in control and would also re-expose the 140.50 area.

With that said, Monday’s gap up looks promising for GBPJPY bulls. If they can hold on to these intraday gains, we could see the yen cross move higher over the coming sessions. The next key resistance level comes in at 144.30/50.

This horizontal area intersects with former wedge support that extends from the 2016 low. As long as this ascending level holds as resistance on a daily closing basis, my intermediate bias remains weighted to the downside.

I’m going to stand aside for now and wait for a favorable opportunity to present itself. Due to the recent volatility and uncertainty, I will only entertain signals that occur on the daily time frame.

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GBPJPY key test

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Margus says

Hei Justin

GBPJPY is going up to 146.650
Head and sholders

HKA says


TJ says

Hi Justin,

Can you tell us what is your view on gaps?
I have read somewhere that a gap, in forex, is normally filled rather sooner than later.
If this statement is true, can you explain how can we rely on a gap when the gap is only with some particulars brokers like in this case. OANDA and FX DC show no gap, for this pair, however FXCM and FOREXCOM show a different gap FXCM 0.397 and FOREXCOM 0.600!

Presently, GBPJPY is right into the Brexit broken support in confluence into what seem to be a strong resistance area, yesterday close with a doji.Today, buyers struggle to go higher, but so far no results. Technically it look somewhat like a possible reversal, but the latest UK figures seem to show the opposite.

What do you think?

Thank you sir!

Great Blog!

Carol Capner says

Justin, do you think the GBPJPY 240 time frame, is showing an ascending state?

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