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EURUSD Tests Range Highs at 1.1410


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On Sunday I wrote about the possibility of a 1.1410 retest for EURUSD.

You can see where this level served as resistance in February and March.

Tuesday’s session reached a high of 1.1411 before reversing and closing the day lower by more than 40 pips.

The EURUSD carved a bearish engulfing day in the process.

However, I would be careful trying to short the pair here. The euro appears to be attempting a broader reversal since coming off 1.1110 in late May.

It’s especially evident when viewing the weekly time frame.

I do think we could see some weakness in the short-term, though, perhaps into 1.1300 or 1.1260 if sellers can get behind yesterday’s bearish candle.

Alternatively, a daily close above 1.1410 would set our sights on 1.1560.

I’m going to give the EURUSD some space to see what it wants to do here.

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This isn’t what I would consider an “A+” setup, especially when you consider how the weekly time frame is starting to perk up a bit.

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