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EURUSD: Keep an Eye on This Week’s Close


EURUSD bulls remain in full control following the break above a bull flag on July 6th.

I wrote about that breakout at length; and announced my long position in the member’s area.

That position from 1.1299 is still open.

As I mentioned in Sunday’s forecast video, I want to see if EURUSD buyers can clear the top of a multi-year range this week.

EURUSD monthly time frame

Remember that this Friday is the July close.

If buyers can close EURUSD above 1.1670 or so, it would confirm the bullish breakout and expose 1.2500.

However, anything can happen between now and Friday’s close.

And let’s not forget that we have a Fed rate decision and statement this Wednesday at 2 pm EST.

That could either fuel the fire for bulls or extinguish the rally.

Either way, this week’s close is worth keeping an eye on.

I’ll stay in my EURUSD position so long as any pullbacks remain constructive, which is the case so far on Tuesday.

If EURUSD closes this week above 1.1670, my new target will be 1.2500.

On the other hand, if buyers give up the 1.1700 support area on a daily closing basis, I may think about booking some profit.

That said, 1.1600 is the must-hold level for euro bulls, in my opinion.

Disclaimer: I hold a EURUSD long position from 1.1299.

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EURUSD daily time frame

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No more doubt,Euro bull has come into long-term bull having broken long term existing trendline.From Wave perspective we are iii of the 3 of the higher degree and this on the short- term find resistance on 144-Ema close on the monthly chart and slightly throw-back to observe wave 4 of larger degree.Again EURO bull is in force and likely to remain in force for years or
many months.Good work Justin and keep it up

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