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EURGBP Needs to Defend 0.8840 to Keep Uptrend Intact


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The EURGBP is a pair I don’t discuss often.

It tends to be quite choppy, especially at turning points. Look no further than the hectic price action throughout March.

However, this latest rally has caught my attention.

Not because I want to join the trend, but because of the lack of a pullback along the way.

Since May 6th, EURGBP has experienced just five down days out of twenty three sessions total.

Buyers even went on a 13 session win streak between the 6th and 23rd of May.

It’s been an impressive run, for sure.

But the lack of a pullback means there are a lot of longs that may panic out at the first sign of danger.

What could cause that?

In my opinion, if 0.8840 support fails on a daily closing basis, this EURGBP uptrend could unravel at a fast clip.

That said, the market is in an uptrend until it isn’t.

So until we see buyers begin to slip and surrender sub 0.8840 prices, the EURGBP uptrend is still alive and well.

The next resistance level here comes in at 0.8925.

Based on the price action in the last few months of 2018 that 0.8925 area is going to be a significant hurdle for buyers.

On the other hand, if the pair closes below 0.8840, we could see EURGBP unwind toward the 0.8680 region.

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EURGBP key support and resistance

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Jenerali says

Earlier during London, placed my sell order until i saw the bigger picture. Thanks for the confirmation

OGBORO preciouslife says

Nice one

Ali says

Justin I never trade this pair before you think we can make some money on this one , I hope we all can do.

Lam says

The trend of EURGBP is waiting for the return to 0.8840, we continue to trade the BUY order not Justin?

Simon says

Hey Justin, just signed up for your newsletter – it’s great! And it helps a lot…

We have an important weekly resistance level at 0.88422. It has not been possible to close above the level yet on a weekly basis! So it will be exciting to follow and see if it closes above this level or below today : o)

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