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EURCHF Stair-Step Action to Produce Another Selling Opportunity


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The EURCHF has been producing some incredible opportunities of late.

The stair-step action since June has produced some favorable movement including three distinct chances to get short.

I wrote about one of them on July 21st.

Back then, the EURCHF was trading at 1.1013, which had us watching for shorts on retests of 1.1060 as new resistance.

The pair ended up offering several opportunities to get short from there.

Today’s price action looks nearly identical to what happened on the 21st of July.

Notice how EURCHF is currently trading below 1.0970, which is the support area I wrote about last month.

As we know, old support becomes new resistance.

That means a daily close below this 1.0970 area would have us watching for another selling opportunity.

Ideally, we get a retest of 1.0970 as new resistance.

That would give us a much more favorable risk to reward ratio.

The next key support area appears to come in at 1.0870.

Keep in mind that we may see a retest of 1.0870 support before we get a bounce into our 1.0970 resistance level.

But given the clean price action since June, it will likely be worth the wait.

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EURCHF key support and resistance levels

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Justin Bennett says

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victor says

Thank you, Justin, just a small observation,
1.0970 resistance OK. Shouldn’t be 1.0625 the next (Fibonacci ) support level ? thank you in advance.

    Justin Bennett says

    No, not in my opinion. Look at the distance between the last few levels. They’ve been about 100 pips apart. That’s your clue.

    Furthermore, 1.0870 served as a pivot in April to June of 2017.

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