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NZDUSD Weekly Bullish Pin Bar Points to Higher Prices


NZDUSD buyers were determined to close the pair above 0.6700 this week.

As a result, the pair has carved a bullish pin bar on the weekly time frame. This will likely trigger a move higher next week.

Not only has 0.6700 been a key factor for NZDUSD since July of last year, but it’s also the 50% retracement of the recent move higher that began in October 2018.

It’s no surprise then that buyers were eager to hold the line at 0.6700.

This week’s pin bar is also a bullish engulfing range. It’s largely a result of last week’s small holiday range, but it is another bullish factor nonetheless.

As for key resistance levels, first up is 0.6920.

The area could be as high as 0.6970. However, the weekly time frame does show how the 0.6920 level has been influential since May of last year.

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Even though 0.6920/70 may cause some issues for buyers, I don’t expect it to be the final destination for NZDUSD.

For that, I think we have to look higher toward 0.7170. The area served as key support in February and March of last year.

It would also equal a 580 pip move from this week’s low which is nearly identical to the recent 550 pip rally between October and December 2018.

That leaves traders with more than 400 pips to work with.

Alternatively, a weekly close below 0.6700 or a move below this week’s low of 0.6588 would negate the bullish outlook.

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NZDUSD bullish pin bar on the weekly time frame

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    Does it follow that AUDUSD (with a similar PIN bar) may mirror this?

  • Fabio says:

    Hi Justin, thank you for the input on the NZDUSD. I am waiting for a pull back to get in, since I missed the 1st opportunity. My initial target was .6860

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    This one appears to have a lot going for it. I’m struggling to contain my excitement 🙂

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    My concern is that the tail of this pinbar is due to the flash crash last week. Should we discount for this large one-off event?

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    Dear sir thanks a lot for your nzdusd forecas. Now need eurjpy current forecast

  • Ehiz says:

    This analysis is possible because DXY has broken out below wedge pattern that it had on the Weekly the retest of the break out will allow NZDUSD to retrace 50% of the pin bar giving you a good entry . I will set a buylimit at 50% retracement of the pin bar that gives me a 100pips stoploss and 400pips profit. Thanks J. for you teachings.

    • Tobenna says:

      Exactly brooooo….you’re so on point.

    • Louis1010 says:

      No true.Repricing of Strong NFP comes in.The up was due to Market perceiving Powell speech as dovish.Which to me,the two rate Hike will still come this year.Yes for Au/usd and N/U possible up side cos of Trade negotiations b/w China and US.Technically and fundamentally NU is going up.But US index not going down.Usindex=opposite of Eur/Usd.

      • Ehiz says:

        Technically DXY is going down. She has broken out of a wedge pattern. Plot the wedge and see for yourself. I see a potential of 700 Pips move on DXY. If messured from the formation of the wedge. Also, The first interest rate decision comes in march that gives DXY to run to it’s destination then Goes back up.

    • Right, I’ve been discussing the DXY wedge in the member’s area for several weeks.

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    Great analysis sir. sir do you advice a %50 fib level entry. Happy new year

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    We shall see. Who is the boss. This beautifull pinbar with all his confluence. Or has the price on the weekchart first finish his ride for a while and bottom out there? (0,62) Anyway we get a great lesson in the next week(s)

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    ls very helpfull reading your analysis.

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