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EURCAD Rallies From New Support at 1.5100


EURCAD bulls were on the move again late Friday following Wednesday’s breakout.

I first mentioned this falling wedge on November 19th. At the time, EURCAD was trading well below key resistance.

However, the descending price action since June hinted at a topside break.

I went on to discuss this same formation on November 30th and again on December 4th.

That commentary on the 4th is where I mentioned a clue.

Here’s what I wrote:

If EURCAD marches higher this week and retests resistance, there’s a good chance we’ll see a break higher.

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Repeated retests of a level often foreshadow a breakout. EURCAD would not be an exception to that rule.

The EURCAD finished that same day 60 pips higher. And by December 5th, the pair had cleared wedge resistance by nearly 40 pips.

That was the breakout I had been waiting for since the 19th of November.

Buyers didn’t waste any time taking EURCAD higher. Thursday’s session reached a session high just below our first resistance level at 1.5320.

It amounted to an impressive 160 pip single session rally.

However, the last 24 hours is what I want to discuss.

Following Thursday’s retest of the area just below 1.5320, the euro cross gave up more than 200 pips.

That would be a surprise if it were any other pair.

The Canadian dollar crosses can cover a lot of ground in a hurry. EURCAD is no exception.

Now, notice where Friday’s session caught a bid. That low of 1.5100 was the retest of former wedge resistance as new support.

I even called attention to this in the member’s area.

Here’s the comment I made:

EURCAD member's comment

The fact that buyers not only held on but closed EURCAD off its session low by 80 pips is a relatively bullish sign.

As long as this new support area between 1.5100 and 1.5130 remains intact next week, all eyes will be on that 1.5320 region.

But as I mentioned last month, there’s a decent chance that EURCAD can reach the June high at 1.5580 before this is over.

That’s the inception point of this falling wedge that began in June.

Be sure to review my EURUSD and CADJPY commentaries from earlier in the week. They may provide some insight into the EURCAD’s likely future direction.

Enjoy your weekend. More ideas and analysis to come Sunday.

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EURCAD bullish breakout on daily chart

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  • Joseph says:

    Thank you Justin for this analysis. I’m looking at the chart right now and it seems that we have a bullish pin bar. Is this the time to go long?

  • oludare says:

    thank you Justin you will soon be my mentor before the year runs out.

  • John Uzoma says:

    Thank you sir. From your analysis, the euro is expected to gain strength at the expense of canadian dollar. Hence the inverse relationship between EURUSD and CADJPY.

  • giorgio says:

    Thanks Justin, I miss out on this one

  • Bothie from Zimbabwe says:

    You are spot on, thanks for the timeous alert which you have just shared…. The movements will be replicated in most CAD crosses and CADJPY is a particular one and other XXXCAD currency pairs!

  • Gcinumuzi says:

    Thanks Justin your analysis are really brilliant

  • Oladimeji says:

    Thank you sir it has been an insightful week,kudos to you and your team.

  • David Joseph says:

    Your analysis are great .Trading is now profitable .Thanks for the good work

  • Pierre Mifsud says:

    Justin I am noticing clearly on the weekly time frame and also visible on the monthly, a falling wedge whose resistance has already been broken. This wedge had started in March 2018 and gives this pair the potential to rally the current price up to the 1.63 handle. Are you seeing all this like me? A response is always appreciated by an expert like you…..Thanks buddy for your support!

    • Pierre Mifsud says:

      This rally goes in tune with the 1.253 handle i had predicted to you based also on the weekly time frame on the EURUSD pair

    • I don’t follow. I’ll stick to my thoughts as posted above. Cheers.

  • Uzoma Nnamdi says:

    Thanks sir. What do you have to say about GBPCAD sir

  • Abdulrasheed. says:

    Sir u watssap number send me

  • YK says:

    Hi, do u consider the 1.51 level remaining intact as we just close Friday dec14?

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