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 Hamed M. 



I am a PhD student and the first time that I heard about Forex from my friend, was in May 2013. Since the first day, I found it very close to the ideal job that I wanted to do.

What I liked the most were the independence that it offers as a full time job and the fact that I could do trading from anywhere in the world. So I started to learn about Forex trading from babypips.com. Although the website gave me some introductory information about Forex trading but I had no success in demo trading.

Then I happened to know code-based trading on mql5.com website. I downloaded some codes from the website and started to demo trading with those code but again no real success. It was hard for me to trust the code-based trading so I did some researches and found price action trading on [unnamed competitor site].

Once I bought its course and read it, I thought now it the time to go live trading. I opened a $4,000 account and started trading. After 4 months, my account balance was $3,300. Then in the next 2 months, I started to get some gains until I recovered my $4,000. I became overconfident about my abilities and I started to oversize my positions and also overtrade.

One night I made $500 and I felt I am an awesome trader. At that point the disaster started. Over a course of 2 weeks I lost all my $4,000 plus and extra $3,000 that I deposited in the account (total of $7,000). It was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. I lost all my savings.

I stopped trading and started to look at websites like zulutrade.com to invest money on some “professional” traders. I borrowed $1,000 from my friend and invested on the top trader at Zulutrade. In one week my account gained $500 and I was so happy about my decision. But things changed and after 1 month and switching between several traders on the website, I lost the $1,000. It was very frustrating.

I stopped working on Forex for 3 months. I knew that I need to know some professional trader and watch closely what they do to learn how to trade like a professional.

I did some searches and found the online course on dailypriceaction.com. I loved the way that it keeps everything very simple, clear and accurate. Although, I knew price action trading from before, but the thing that is very unique about this course is the attempt to teach the way that a successful trader thinks, controls feelings, manages risk and finds confluence in analyzing the market.

Before taking this course, I thought trading is just about finding a pin bar, key levels, etc. But this course made me aware of many psychological issues that will happened to a trader. It taught me that trading is more about having discipline and consistency rather just finding a setup.

Since 5 month ago, I started to trade again and my results improved a lot. I managed to earn 2-10% monthly profit with small draw-down (<10%). I am at the end of my PhD and I got hired in a prop trading firm as a junior trader. I passed their requirements and I will start trading live for the firm from next week.

I still think of myself as a beginner trader who need to improve a lot but I know that I am much more disciplined and cautious and will not get into the emotional traps that leads to disastrous results.

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  • Sakin says:

    Nice one indeed. Btw how did he get the job? If we get those information it would be helpful for us as well.

    • Hi Sakin,

      Thanks for your comment. I can’t divulge that information without his consent.



  • Colin T says:

    awesome story !!

  • JLTrader says:

    Can you in any way substantiate this story ? As Carl Sagan said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”

    • Hi JL,

      I could, but out of respect I have to defer to Hamed as to whether or not he wants to share those details. Of course any lifetime member is able to ask him directly.



  • Hello, I see that Justin only looks at 4Hr timeframes,his trades are all in that timeframe I however only trade in the daily timeframe .
    Please be so kind and tell me how I might further my understanding and success by follow his advice.
    Thank you for your anticipated timely response

    • Peter, that simply isn’t true. Most of my commentaries are on the daily time frame, and as I mentioned to you previously, I named the site Daily Price Action for a reason.

  • Misha Khan says:

    2-10% monthly returns is exceptional. Are returns higher when you start out with little capital? Is there a point of diminishing returns with forex? And is it possible to trade without leverage? (Assuming one has substantial capital like 100-200K usd)

    Great story. Sorry about my noob/newbie questions.

    Btw, great site. I like how you’re marketing your charts instead of selling to the emotions of people in need of a quick buck like most of the stuff out there.

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