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My Best Lessons and Articles to Help You Become a Successful Forex Trader

How Much Money Do You Need to Trade the Daily Time Frame?
Happy Friday! This week’s question comes from Bode, who asks: Can a Forex trader with initial capital of $500 trade[...]
3 Must-Follow Rules for Setting Proper Trading Goals
Just like any of life's endeavors, becoming a successful trader requires goal setting. Unfortunately, many traders jump right into trading without[...]
How to Reduce Forex Trading Losses (Apart From Using a Stop Loss)
Happy Friday! This week’s question comes from Mimi, who asks: Hi Justin, would appreciate your thoughts on how a trader[...]
How to Find the Strongest and Weakest Currencies to Trade
Happy Friday! This week’s question comes from Mimi, who asks: How do you choose your pairs to trade and do[...]
How Many Currency Pairs Should You Trade?
Happy Friday! This week’s question comes from Ekaterina, who asks: I was wondering what you would advise to someone struggling[...]
17 Insightful Quotes That Will Take Your Trading to New Heights
Without question, one of the best ways to learn any skill is to study those who have already found massive[...]
50 Signs That You’re on the Path to Forex Trading Success
Becoming a successful Forex trader is a process, and a long one at that. It seems that around every corner[...]
The 5-Step Blueprint for Navigating the Forex Market Successfully
The goal of achieving consistent profits in the Forex market is a long and often confusing process. And with a[...]
Forget About Finding the “Perfect” Trading Strategy (Do This Instead)
Want to find a Forex trading strategy that works? Sure you do. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here reading this. But[...]
How to Remember and Prioritize Forex Trade Setups
Happy Friday and Happy Holidays! This week’s question comes from Ramesh, who asks: How do you remember all the pairs[...]
What Is the Best Day to Trade Forex?
Happy Friday! This week’s question comes from Tomek, who asks: Do you trade on Mondays? When do you set orders[...]
Why Trading With “Scared Money” Won’t Make You Profitable (And What to Do About It)
If you want to win at trading, you can't be afraid to lose. And trading with scared money - that[...]
Should You Use “Opening Ranges” to Identify Key Levels?
Happy Friday! This week's question comes from Danial B., who asks: Do “Opening ranges” play any part in your analysis?[...]
How to Make Sense of Conflicting Market Trends
Happy Friday! This week’s question comes from Thambirajah, who asks: When there are conflicting trends as you mentioned in the[...]
What is Friday Q&A?
Since starting Daily Price Action in 2014, I've received thousands of questions from Forex traders from around the world. In[...]
Bill Lipschutz: 7 Powerful Forex Trading Lessons + Exclusive PDF Outline
Bill Lipschutz is perhaps my favorite trader to study. Although he's a fundamental trader, the things he managed to achieve and[...]
9 Things You Didn’t Know About Successful Forex Traders
What is it about successful Forex traders that sets them apart from the rest? A well-known figure in the Forex[...]
Should You Close or Counter a Losing Position?
Happy Friday! This week’s question comes from Lateef, who asks: I was told that when a trade is not going[...]
Forex Trading Profits Are Not Measured by Right Versus Wrong
As human beings, we like to be right. It gives us a sense of self-worth and boosts our confidence, as[...]
Newton’s Third Law of Emotional Forex Trading
You are probably aware by now that emotions and Forex trading are like water and oil, they don’t mix. The[...]

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