Learn How to Trade Forex Price Action

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Do You Ever Wonder How Professional Forex Traders Pull Consistent Profits from the Forex Market? Well, this is your chance to find out. How would you like to learn how to trade Forex price action directly from me? Get access to my entire price action course, see all of the daily setups and get feedback directly from me. … [Read more...]

GBPCAD Channel Break Sets the Stage for a Rally

GBPCAD breaks channel resistance on the 4 hour chart

This break of channel resistance has been a long time coming for GBPCAD. The pair first began its descent in late February from its seven-year high at 1.9550. For the past two months the pair has carved out a descending channel that is best seen on the 4 hour chart. The catalyst that triggered the final push higher was trend line support … [Read more...]

Always Let the Market Make the First Move


Do you know what separates the profitable Forex traders from the losing ones? It isn't an inherent trait or some super-human ability. Of course those things might help, but what truly separates the two groups is the fact that the successful traders never make the first move. What exactly does that mean, you ask? That's what this lesson is all … [Read more...]

EURCAD Potentially Explosive Move on the Horizon

EURCAD wedge pattern on the 4 hour time frame

EURCAD looks to be on the verge of an explosive move in anticipation of tomorrow's events. The wedge pattern is best seen on the 4 hour chart and comes in the wake of a 2,500 pip downtrend that began in March of last year. A pattern such as this in a strong trend generally indicates a continuation of the preceding trend, however that isn't … [Read more...]

GBPJPY Bulls Face Critical Test at 181.60

GBPJPY support and resistance levels on the daily chart

GBPJPY has been in a broader uptrend since mid 2012, climbing more than 7,200 at its seven-year high in 2014. Since that time the pair has lost some ground but has remained well-supported above 175.75. With the pair back above 179.28 it looks ready to test trend line resistance that extends off of the December, 2014 high. This could very well be … [Read more...]

EURUSD at Make or Break Level

EURUSD key levels in focus on the 4 hour chart

EURUSD continues to teeter on the edge of what could either be a bullish breakout or a retest of the multi-year low at 1.0470. The level in focus is one that we have been tracking for several days now. The descending channel that is best seen on the 4 hour chart has contained price since April 6th. However the bulls seem insistent on breaking … [Read more...]

GBPUSD and EURGBP Confirm Breakouts, EURUSD Stalls

GBPUSD key levels on the daily time frame

The markets appear to have bounced back to life over the past 24 hours. However the world's most popular currency pair has continued to struggle ahead of key resistance. But more on that later. First let's talk about two breakout opportunities on both GBPUSD and EURGBP. I first mentioned GBPUSD's attempt at a bullish breakout last Thursday, … [Read more...]

EURUSD and GBPUSD Stall Ahead of Key Resistance Levels

EURUSD key levels in focus on the daily time frame

EURUSD continues to trade within a descending channel that is best seen on the 4 hour chart. This channel extends off the April 6th high and has now rejected the pair on two separate occasions this month. So where do we go from here? There are two scenarios I'm watching as we head into the second half of the week. The first and perhaps more … [Read more...]

5 Keys to Successful Forex Demo Trading

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Demo trading isn't just for practice. It's your training ground for the challenging journey you have embarked on to become a successful Forex trader. And that's no easy task. Nor is it something that will be accomplished in a month. It takes hard work, discipline, patience and no small amount of perseverance to make it to the top. For these … [Read more...]